Michigan Workers’ Comp Insurance

CAMComp is a Michigan Workers’ Compensation Insurance company. The plan is a group self-insurance program designed for and operated by the construction industry.

CAMComp is based in Michigan and has decades of experience with the local construction industry. You can expect quality in service, quality in workers’ comp claims management and quality in the handling of claims when they arise. Our service provider is top-quality also, with an AM Best rating of A+.

We monitor claims for validity to help control workers’ comp group costs. And when a claim needs to be processed, we do so quickly and efficiently, right here in our Michigan offices. Get a quote >

how safety pays:

It’s simple. When your workers’ comp group is safe, you get cash back. CAM COMP = CA$H COMP for many of the groups we cover. Once a year, you can expect a dividend of a percentage of your premiums.* More about how safety pays >

the same coverage

It’s the same. By law, all providers must deliver workers’ comp coverage to comply with Michigan Compensation standards. The significant difference is the cash back you can receive. More about we offer  the same coverage >

we understand you

It’s delivered by your peers. We fully understand the unique workers’ comp needs of the construction industry. And we understand the value of your time. When you call us – for any reason – you will get quick service from expert staff onsite here in Michigan. More about how we serve you >

flexibility and quality

It’s easy to afford workers’ comp insurance. We offer payment plans to meet your needs for quality coverage with flexible terms. A fair but firm approach to claims management helps ensure the members we cover control costs. And our AM Best rating is A+4. More about our flexibility and quality >

Looking for workers’ compensation insurance in Michigan? CAMComp has the coverage your group insurance plan needs. If you are a member of a Construction Association of Michigan, your business may qualify for workers’ compensation insurance from CAMComp.

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Golf Outing at Wyndgate – September 19, 2016

Golf Outing at Wyndgate – September 19, 2016

The Wyndgate Country Club – Eastwynd Course, 1975 W Gunn Rd., Oakland Township, MI 48306

The Fourth CAM Golf Outing of the Season at The Wyndgate Country Club

PRICE $155.00 – Package Includes:

  • 18 Holes of Golf w/Cart
  • Driving Range
  • Grilled Lunch
  • Beer & Soft Drinks on Course
  • 2-Hour Open Bar
  • Steak Dinner
  • Awards/Door Prizes
  • Soft Spikes and Proper Attire Required

You win with CAMComp in many ways. This year at the golf outings, for every putt you make with “Zeke”, YOU GET A CHANCE TO WIN $50! Give us your business card, make the putt with Zeke and get entered in a drawing for $50 cash.

Another way to win: make the putt and win CAMComp  Bug Off DEET-free mist insect repellant!

Contact Diana Brown for information or reservations (248) 972-1000.

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Poncraft Door Chose CAMComp

A proactive approach to safety saves money for Poncraft Door.

Poncraft Door knows good value. They have been a client of CAMComp since its inception in 1982. While their initial reason for choosing CAMComp was its lower rates, the excellent service experience and the valuable Safety Center information have been great for this long-term client.

“Many companies look for the quick dollar cost comparison and make their choice. For me, it’s not about quick – I look at long term. CAMComp is our workers’ comp insurer of choice because they have more to offer,” said Kevin French at Poncraft Doors.

Kevin continued, “the Safety Center information has helped us to be more proactive than reactive when it comes to workplace safety. We’ve been injury-free for eight years. Safety saves us money on premiums and it results in cash back at the end of the year. It’s a great value for our company in many ways.”

Prompt replies to inquiries and efficient claims handling is another plus for Poncraft. At CAMComp we strive to get questions answered as soon as possible and in regular English, not insurance industry jargon. We work with clients who have claims to minimize their exposure to fraud and waste (see “Fraudulent Claims Raise WC Rates” article). Plus, we can offer guidance on best practices for workplace safety.

If a long-term approach to saving money and enjoying the benefits of a safer, healthier workplace for your valued employees appeals to you, email CAMComp today to have us review your current coverage.

Cass Lock Chose CAMComp

Third Generation Values CAMComp Services

Cass Lock found CAMComp to be the best choice for Michigan workers’ comp insurance back in 1982. As a charter member of the insured group, Cass Lock’s experience is a valuable point of reference for other companies looking for workers’ compensation insurance.

Bridgett Tellerico, a third-generation owner in this family-run business, says “CAMComp is always there for us. If we need information or something explained in more detail, they will take all the time necessary to help.”

Cass Lock takes our “Safety Pays!” motto to heart, using the Safety Center to help develop safety plans that keep employees out of harm’s way. “We are pleased with our safety record, and thank CAMComp for providing such useful information,” said Ms. Tellerico.

They also like the real dollars saved with an excellent safety record. With CAMComp, the safer your members, the more dollars you get back in premium refunds!

Bridgett said, “No one can complain about a plan that rewards safety! CAMComp‘s check at the end of the year is great bonus, but we enjoy real benefits of having fewer accidents and healthier workers even more.”

Email CAMComp today to have us review your current coverage.

New Benchmarking Report

A new benchmarking report by Midwest Employers Casualty Company compared CAMComp‘s Total Losses, Number of Claims and Average Cost per claim to industry averages for the past ten years. In all cases, CAMComp performed very well, exceeding industry benchmarks for these key performance metrics.

This proves that Safety Pays! Keeping your employees safe means fewer claims and fewer severe injuries. And that translates into lower premiums that save you money every year your employees stay safe and maintain a safe working environment.

Over the ten-year period studied, the total number of claims has been an impressive 25% lower than industry benchmarks and 6% lower than the best practice standard. A safer workplace, well-maintained equipment, and well trained employees results in fewer claims and reduces rates.

In overall results for total direct losses, CAMComp has performed just 5% above the Best Practice level. CAMComp‘s total direct losses were a very impressive 33% lower than the industry benchmark.  Safer workplaces do save money!

The same is true for loss costs per $100 of payroll: CAMComp‘s shining performance of 33% better than industry benchmarks and only 5% higher than the best practice target over a ten-year period means we’re doing well with jobsite safety. Employers and employees can still find room for improvement.

CAMComp shined on this next metric – claims per $1 million of payroll – exceeding best practice targets by 6% and industry benchmarks by a solid 25%. companies that employ larger numbers of workers are doing well on their safety efforts – and saving more money on premiums.

The average cost per claim averaged less than industry benchmarks by 10%, another solid result over the past ten years.

Safety Pays! If you haven’t visited the Safety Center and invested some time in our valuable safety tools, sign up today!

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