John Daiek, Daiek Woodworks said:

CAMComp was able to take the worry out of our workers’ comp cost and coverage. We have participated in safety programs that have impacted our overall productivity and profitability. We at Daiek Woodworks love CAMComp! And I really like the premium rebates that we receive each year.


Joe Fontanesi, Fontanesi and Kann said:

Our company is a distributor, manufacturers representative and a contractor, so it is imperative that we have a workers’ compensation insurance company that understands construction. CAMComp is that and more, with competitive rates and a real can-do attitude. CAMComp is also probably the best-kept secret in our industry – which is a shame because most companies do not understand how group self-insured funds work. Over the past decade our firm has had up to 68% of our premiums refunded and at times almost 100%! This is absolutely incredible, absolutely true, and it goes straight to the bottom line!

If you are not a CAMComp member you owe it to your company to call and find out how CAMComp can reduce your WC cost, improve safety and keep you more competitive.


Robert Singer of Duross Painting said:

Not only did we save tens of thousands in premiums by switching to CAMComp, we have also received over $70,000 in surplus returns in the short period of time we have been insured.

CAMComp‘s staff are experts in Workers Compensation. And their fair but firm claims handling have saved us premium dollars!


Stephen R. Dailey, The Dailey Company said:

CAMComp saves me thousands of dollars every year with competitive rates and refund of surplus claims funds. I get the coverage I need and the comfort of knowing they are protecting my interests with aggressive management of claims.

They are extremely responsive, a pleasure to work with, and provide a level of service that is invaluable to me, my employees and my company as a whole.


Jack McKinney, City Elevator Incorporated said:

I first learned of CAMComp as the insurance provider of record for a company we acquired. They are Michigan-based, professional and responsive to our needs.

The safety program and the surplus dividend distribution program are also big advantages. The staff has been competent and personable at all times.

Fortunately I have never had  a severe claim. However, as a board member for 10 years I have witnessed the thoroughness executed in many kinds of processing claims.


Greg Brown, Enright Builders said:

CAMComp has helped our small business grow.

CAMComp is our company’s choice for:

  • local business
  • competitive rates
  • the premium return policy
  • close contact with CAM and all of the industry tools they provide
  • designed for the construction industry
  • very helpful staff
  • insurance premium adjusted per monthly payroll

Tell us about your experience with CAMComp – good or bad – we want to know!

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