Safety Video Library

Approximately 5- to 20-minute-long videos on injury prevention, free of charge for CAMComp members. Request videos by calling 586-790-7810 or email us.

Title Topic
The Accident Accident Investigation
Avoid the Heat Fire Protection
Back to the Basics Back Injury Prevention
Back / Injury Back Injury Prevention
Back Safety Back Injury Prevention
Breathing Easier Respiratory Protection
Clearing the Air Confined Space
Construction Equipment Maintenance
Construction Fall Protection: Personal Protective Equipment
Electrical Hazards Basic Principals
Fall Protection Safety Equipment
First Aid On the Job Initial Response
Forklifts (JJ Keller) Operator Training
Get Arrested Fall Protection
Getting the Job Done Safety Orientation
Handle With Care Hazard Waste
Hazard Communication Safety
Heightened Awareness Fall Protection
Clean Places / Safe Places Housekeeping
Hazcom for Construction Preplanning for Hazards
Incident Reporting Reporting Hazards
Injury & Illness Prevention Written Procedures
Make the Right Move Material Handling
Making the Move Trailering Equipment
Adapt Work / Avoid Injury Office Ergonomics
On the Go Forklift Safety
On Your Guard Power Tools
Pave Your Way to Safety Concrete Paving
What You Must Wear Personal Protective Equip
Pro-Active Safety Attitude Prevention Responsibility
Record Keeping / True to Form Procedures & Forms
Rolling Towers Mobile Scaffolding
The Bottom Line Safety
Safety At All Levels Scaffolds
Sound Advice Hearing Conservation
Inspect, Set Up, Proper Use Stairways & Ladders
Stationary Scaffolds Fall Protection
Success At the Top Stairways & Ladders
Take Charge Temporary Electricity
Thinking Ahead Drivers Safety
Think Again Substance Abuse
The Best Strategy Personal Protection Equipment
The Winning Ticket Housekeeping
Tool Box Safety Talks Chemical Safety
Tool Box Safety Talks Power Actuated Tools
Tool Box Safety Talks Safety Belts
Tool Box Safety Talks Construction Equipment
Hypothermia & Frostbite Winter Safety

Safety pays! Follow safety procedures to avoid injury and keep workers on the job.

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