Tool Box Talk: Nail Gun Safety

Nail guns are useful tools on the jobsite. Powerful, easy to operate, yet potentially dangerous.

Did you know they are responsible for 37,000 emergency room visits each year? The June Tool Box Talk highlights this important safety topic.

  • Is the power source disconnected when the gun is not in use?
  • Each gun is unique. Do you understand how to use each gun safely?
  • Are workers wearing high impact eye protection, a hard hat and hearing protection?

Find the answers and more info: download the poster and handout for helpful tips to protect your valuable workforce by preventing injury from power tool use: access the Safety Center >>.

Remember to report all injuries or work related illnesses, no matter how slight. OSHA requires a record of any medical treatment, days away from work, loss of consciousness or restricted work.

More resources are available at OSHA and at the CDC.

OSHA’s Hand and Power Tools Safety page >>

“Portable Hand and Power Tools Self-Inspection Checklist” at CDC >>

Download our “Nail Gun Safety” Resource Kit at the CAMComp Safety Center >>

More information is available through the CAMComp Safety Pays! website’s Safety Center link. To gain access, a user name and password is required. Contact Michelle Mage for a user name and password to gain access or call Michelle Mage at CAMComp 888 867 4764.


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