How Safety Pays

CAMComp is is a worker’s compensation self-insurance plan. As with all insurance plans, money taken in as premiums by members of the group is paid out in claims. But there is one big benefit that CAMComp has over all the others: if the claims paid are less than the premiums received, we return excess premiums and investment income to our members.

We always stress that Safety Pays! Why? The safer your crew is every day, there is likely to be a lower incidence of claims – and fewer dollars go out. So you get the possibility of lower premiums and/or rebates on your premiums.

Learn how much you can earn with CAMComp‘s:
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Check out our safety programs that help employees follow best practices for jobsite safety.

We are also trying to keep premiums low by being vigilant about documenting new claims and reducing excessive costs due to fraudulent claims. So safety pays – not only on the job – but in a financial sense as well.

Safety pays – for you and for the group as a whole. Keeping workers safe keeps them on the job and reduces claims.

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