Fall Webinars for 2015

This fall, CAMComp offers five webinars at the Safety Center:

  1. Predictive Analysis: A Workers’ Comp game changer
  2. Critical driving essentials and strategies
  3. Contractor and temporary worker safety considerations
  4. Preventing materials handling injuries
  5. Effective safety management: Do you have what it takes?

Webinars are available for viewing 24/7 and average 30 minutes in length. A small amount of your time can reap big rewards!

Access the Safety Center at www.safetypays.net. There you can view the webinars at your convenience from now until January 1, 2016. To gain access, a user name and password is required. Contact Michelle Mage mmage@safetypays.net for a user name and password to access the Safety Center.

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