Don’t Trust the Dust!

don't trust the dust

Construction dust may contain hazards like asbestos, lead and silica that may cause serious heath effects and even death.

If you work in a dusty environment, wear an approved respirator to protect yourself, wash your hands and don’t wear contaminated clothing home.

Learn more about respiratory protection at this OSHA link >>

One of the most common construction-industry dust exposures is silica – one of the most abundant elements on Earth – and part of nearly all construction materials that can make dust when sawing, grinding, jack hammering or crushing.

Silicosis is a disabling lung disease caused by over-exposure to silica dust. Inhaling silica crystals can also be related to bronchitis and other lung disease.

To reduce risk, reduce exposure by

  • using wet methods for drilling and sawing concrete
  • using vacuums with filters instead of dry sweeping or using compressed air to sweep areas clean
  • using exhaust systems with power tools
  • maintaining good ventilation
  • protecting workers with respirators

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